Accepting Participants for Several Natural Healing Research Groups!

If interested, let us know in the Contact Us section near the bottom! We have several all natural remedies that we know have had success in suppressing these conditions based on research papers, the study group is to establish and publish the dosages required to suppress the following:

Prostate Cancer (200 participants 2-4 year study)

HIV Human immunodeficiency virus (200 participants - 2 to 4 year study)

Herpes Simplex (200 participants - 2 to 4 year study)

Self Hypnosis to change your goals, motivations life! (100 participants 2-4 year study)

Meditation to improve brain function, focus and decision making to help you reach your goals!

PSA Reduction of marker for Prostate Cancer (200 participants 2-3 year study)

Enlarged Prostate Reduction (200 participants 2-3 year study)

Breast Cancer Prevention (200 participants 2-4 year study)

Coronavirus Flu Common Cold (200 participants 1-3 year study)

Erectile Disfunction (300 participants 2-3 year study)

Natural Pain Management (500 participants 2-3 year study)

Rheumatoid Arthritis pain (300 participants 2-3 year study)

What would you like to see us study? Tell us at Contact us below!

Check back for future studies!