In life, people knowingly or unknowingly are Dividers or Multipliers. Most are dividers and their life course reflects this. A Multiplier on the other hand is a person that dramatically increases the effectiveness of individuals or groups of people!

For this discussion, we'll refer to the Leadership Multiplier as an individual that has the ability to significantly impact the outcome in which an individual or group of people achieve a goal or work together! Most Leadership Multipliers are not necessarily always in the leadership or forefront position, their impact is usually not appreciated until they are absent.

Multiplier Determination Questions:

Is the overall effectiveness of others or the group increased by your presence? Give 5 examples.

Does your personality and character, bring out the best in EACH and EVERY person you come into contact with or do some people just rub you the wrong way?

When someone does something that adversely affects you, do you gently correct them, rip them a new one or build up the what you obviously see in them?

We at LifeHolist are working on our ability to be multipliers. That does not necessarily always mean that we appear to be leading. We believe the best leaders are those who naturally multiply leaders!